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Pokemon Unite: Blissey Review


As the second post launch character to be added to the game, Blissey fills out the roster nicely, providing more much needed support. Fitting in alongside its supporter compatriots Eldegoss, Mr Mime and fellow pink blob Wigglytuff, Blissey focuses more heavily on healing than the other members of its battle type. Working as a healer to its lane partner in the early game, and as a excellent buffer in the later team fights, Blissey players will quickly become everyone’s favourite teammate.

Starting out as a Chansey, players will choose between Heal Pulse and Pound before merrily slapping their way down the lane. Sitting back and letting the lane partner take the final hits on wild Pokémon will maximise the partnerships potential, as Blissey needs very little experience in order to sustain itself on the lane. By prioritising your partner’s experience, healing them with Soft-Boiled and buffing them with Helping Hand, your partner’s offensive abilities and endurance can overwhelm and push back enemies on the lane. Throughout my matches, Charizard was a constant lane partner which worked well. Snorlax was also a surprisingly fruitful lane partner, with HP pools and healing abilities so rife that you can stay on the lane indefinitely, body-slamming and pink-slapping weary foes.

Blissey is not without its drawbacks. Despite large amounts of health, Blissey’s defences are lacking, and in the late game, your health can evaporate surprisingly fast, despite the healing at play. The lack of Blissey’s offences also limits the Pokémon’s freedom, as it needs to cling to a partner that can deal out the heavy hits for it. You should be playing close to your teammates anyway, but this lack of offense can leave Blissey vulnerable should your teammate fall, or if you find yourself on your own.

Drawing out the best of Blissey means choosing the support items that can add to its already giant health pool. Potion or the ever useful Eject Button is a personal choice, however for the battle items, Buddy Barrier is especially useful to add to the shields that Blissey’s Unite move bestows upon a nearby teammate. Rounding out the rest of the items, Leftovers and Exp Share work well to maximise health and movement speed.

Despite the issues still in the game regarding the pay-to-win, Unite is fast becoming the best modern entry in the franchise, and a great all round MOBA for veterans and younger players alike. Upcoming additions of Blastoise (surely a defender), Mamoswine and Sylveon will provide more variety to the still somewhat limited character pool, and while there are certainly some Pokémon currently more powerful than others- *cough, Snorlax, cough*- there are no Pokémon that feel underpowered. All we need now is Appletun.

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